Best Bathtub Refinishing Kits For Residents of Fort Worth TX

Your Fort Worth TX bathroom is the one place in a house or apartment, that will give you the space you need the most to unwind. A hot bath could be just what you need after a long day to relax your sorrows in a comfortable tub. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do that because your old bathtub has developed stains and cracks, thus rendering it unfit for your bathing pleasures.

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For a lot of people, a simple tub repair or total replacement are the two common ways to solve your bathtub problems. However, they do cost a fortune and could take days to complete. But there exists a third option. One that is not as expensive as repair or replacement, will make your bath tub look just as good, and will give you complete control over the work because you can do it yourself using any of these top bathtub refinishing supplies:

1. Ekopel 2K Bathtub Refinishing Kit
The Ekopel 2K is a really awesome bathtub refinishing kit that allows you to acquire a top-class finish on your bathtub or any other bathing space you have in your house.

The kit is a specially designed epoxy coating that does not peel off especially when used after thorough etch cleaning. Its peel-resistant element makes it really ideal for all sorts of bathtubs. The product is highly admired for being environment-friendly. It does not emit toxic or chemical fumes, thus making sure your bath is free of nasty odors.

2. Magic Tub And Tile Refinishing Supply Kit
This reglazing kit is a brilliant moisture-resistant finishing coat. It has an acrylic base and an epoxy that both have hardening agents as the two agents of its two-part formula. When the two agents are combined, they create a super formula with an unbelievably robust bond.

The magic tub and tile refinishing kit is easy to use. Two coats will cover around 75 to 100 square feet which is just about right for a large tub or two average-sized tubs. It has a durable finish that holds up rather well. However, it can chip after constant use because it tends to stretch thin.

This tub painting kit may not last as long as having a professional bathtub refinishing service do the job.  We suggest contacting the Fort Worth bathtub refinishing pros in Ft Worth TX if you need a long lasting refinish.

3. The Homax Tub Refinishing Kit
The Homax Tub Resurfacing Kit guarantees a glossy porcelain finish that will give your bathtub a splendid pearlescent finish. It has the ability to restore the color of discolored and stained bathrooms to their former glory at the fraction of the cost you would spend on doing replacing.

If saving money won’t convince you, then the amount of time you will save should because it only takes about 48 hours on any surfaces such as porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, and acrylic surfaces. The best thing about this reglazing kit is it lasts for much longer as compared to other similar epoxy products. It’s texture also feels so much like tile.

The only downside to this resurfacing product is that it has a strong sense of chemicals. As a health precaution, make sure that you use a mask while handling it and when cleaning it. Also, make sure to keep it away from pets and kids.

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